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We Are MegaTeam Studios

We're creating the best in interactive entertainment by making games that change the way people heal.

The idea is that these types of video games will help children gain the skills that medications help with, but don’t provide.

So far, many kids have been recruited to test out the game and have their progress monitored. The team of researchers will follow up later to see if the game had an impact on their skills.


The goal is to build more games to target other cognitive function as well as appeal to adults.

What We Are About


 MegaTeam is providing alternative treatment that focuses on the response inhibition of children with ADHD — essentially, whether a child can stop what they are doing based on new information in their environment.


We have taken our understanding of the underlying cognitive deficits in ADHD and come up with an intervention to strengthen those.


ADHD: Not Just for Kids. “Ideally what we’ve tried to do is come up with something that’s engaging and fun for kids.”

Meet the Dev Team
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Our Offices

Our Remote Studio

Due to the pandemic we decided to make our studio remote. This means our team works all over the country. This provides a platform with the top developers in the country.

We’d Love to Work With You

We are constantly looking for the best developers to improve our current and future games. Click below to explore opportunities.

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